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Our Mission


The Problem

663 million people go without access to clean water every day. Not having access to clean water creates a myriad of problems. Instead of getting an education, many boys and girls spend countless hours fetching water that is often not safe for consumption. Women aren't able to take care of their personal care needs and many suffer from water-related diseases. Having access to clean water helps end the cycle of poverty and gives people the opportunity to live healthy lives. 

Our Contribution

We understand that water is necessary for the use of many personal care products. With that in mind, we've formed a partnership with Generosity to provide access to clean water for people in need. Our partnership aims to help those in the most poverty-stricken and drought-affected areas, such as Haiti, Africa, and India. 

Natural by Design

Founded on the principal of leaving this world better than we found it, we are dedicated to bringing our customers products made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. When we set out to create our products, we thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact from sourcing on through to manufacturing. We partner with like-minded companies, local farms, and fair trade women's cooperatives that assist us in fulfilling our mission.

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